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EASAC brings together the National Academies of Science of the EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom to provide independent science-based advice on important challenges for Europe.

EASAC – the European Academies' Science Advisory Council – is formed by the national science academies of the EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom to enable them to collaborate with each other in providing independent science advice to European policy-makers. It thus provides a means for the collective voice of European science to be heard. EASAC was founded in 2001 at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The European Union is an important arena for policy, and national science academies recognise that they need to advise both national and European Union policy-makers on evidence for policies. Through EASAC, the academies work together to provide independent, expert, evidence-based advice about public policy to policy-makers within the European institutions. Given the expertise of the academies’ scientists, EASAC accesses the best of European science. Its views are vigorously independent of commercial or political bias, and it is open and transparent in its processes.

EASAC activities include:

  • substantive studies of the scientific aspects of European policy issues
  • reviews and advice about policy documents
  • workshops aimed at identifying current scientific thinking about major European policy issues
  • workshops aimed at briefing policy-makers
  • short, timely statements on topical subjects
  • lay summaries of our substantial reports aimed at communicating with non-expert audiences