Covid-19 Response

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Estonian Academy of Sciences

The Estonian Academy has issued two statements in connection to the COVID-19 pandemic: "Recovery from the Covid-19 crisis - Vision of the Estonian Academy of Sciences" (May 2020) and "Responsibility, Vaccination, Ventilation: from Virus Prevention to eradication" (March 2021)

The statements were originally published in Estonian. The English translations are available for download in the sidebar.

The Estonian versions are available here:

Soomere, T., Niinemets, Ü., Randma-Liiv, T., Järv, J. Sammud tuleviku poole  [Steps towards the future]. Postimees 26.05.2020, 121(7132), 15.

Soomere, T., Randma-Liiv, T., Vasar, E., Kurnitski, J.V3 väljakutsete vanik. Postimees, 03.03.2021, 50(7364), 15, .

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