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Dr Robin Fears

Biosciences Programme Director

29 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK in R&D. The first 20 years were focused on cardiovascular disease and neurosciences, from discovery through to marketed product. The final 9 years of this industry experience was occupied in setting up and leading a policy group for R&D in Europe.

While in industry, he served on committees advising UK and EU trade associations, UK government, Research Councils, university groups and the European Commission and he was Honorary Senior Fellow at the School of Public Policy, University College London.

Since leaving the UK pharmaceutical sector, he has worked as advisor to various bodies including academies, universities, businesses and parliamentary groups on issues relating to biomedical science and innovation within the European policy environment.

He has provided biosciences support to EASAC since 2002.

Dr Robin Fears 

EASAC Biosciences Programme Director

BSc (Biochemistry), PhD (Nutrition) and DSc.